SZP L102

Item Name: Power Bank
Model No.: SZP L102
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 5200*mAh
Input 1: Micro USB DC 5V~1A max
Input 2: i6 USB DC 5V~1A max
Dual USB OutPut: DC 5V~2.1A max, 3120*mAh
Device Charging Indicator: Yes, LED

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  • Instant Power For Best Perfomance
  • Compatible with all Mobile Phones, Tablets & Other Gadgets
  • Stylish & Compact Design for Your Comfort
  • Dual independent USB output, High effeciency power supply with easy operation
  • LED torch light convinent for home and travelling

With this pocket portable device, you can shove off your worries and move around charging almost all your devices and gadgets on the go. Made with the best quality Lithium-ion battery, this efficient capacitor holds the strength of 5200mAh with two inputs– one for charging other devices, and the other for charging the device itself.

Multi charging made available

If you’re the kind who forgets to charge the power bank as well, this is the ideal options for you since you can charge it simultaneously with your other device. It’s sleek in design and light in weight, making it easy to carry around.