SZP L112

Item Name: Mobile Battery Charger
Model No.: SZP L112
Capacity: 8000* mAh
Battery Type: Lithim-ion
Input: Micro USB DC 5V, 1A max
USB OutPut: DC 5V~2.1A max, 4800*mAh
Device Charging Indicator: Yes, LED

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  • Instant Power For Best Performance
  • Compatible with all Mobile Phones, Tablets & Other Gadgets
  • Stylish & Compact Design for Your Comfort
  • Independent USB output, High efficiency power supply with easy operation
  • Elegant & Smooth finish body
  • Over-charging, Short-Circuit & Over-Discharging Protection



Mobile Battery Charger SZP L112

Color: White Bar Code: 8907352001131

Charge your phone using power bank SZP L112 anywhere you want. This portable device has found extensive use in this busy daily life schedule. No more need to worry about your phone getting discharged at all the wrong times. Just carry a USB cable and your power bank in your bag and charge it anywhere, on the go.
Multiple charging facilities
One can charge two devices at the same time that are compatible with input 5V~USB based charging devices. Other features like zero power loss at standby mode, multiple safety protections like overcharging, over discharging & short circuit are enabled in this power bank, further with its unique feature “intelligent Smart IC” can identify the connected device like iOS/Android/windows etc to give optimum output and charge them at rapid speed, making it a popular choice among buyers.