SZW i41M 354

Item Name: USB Cable for charging and data sync
Model No.: SZW i4 1.5M 354
Cable: 1 Meter round
USB TYPE: 2.0.
Current: 1A Max
Operating Voltage: 4.7V~5.2V

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  • Made with high quality material for more grip and softness
  • Pure copper inside make charging more efficient
  • Uninterrupted transmission for high performance
  • Lets you connect your i4/4s devices to your PC

2.0. USB cable is 1.5meter long, which let you connect your i4/4s deviceto your PC that gives high performance to the user. The material used to cover the copper wire not only keeps it safe but also ensures a soft grip to the user. Uninterrupted transmission of data can be done with efficient charging,

Technological advancements have lead to the invention and discovery of some of the easiest methods of data and information transfer. USB cables are generally connectors that use protocols for connection and communication. These cables provide medium for data transfer & charge