USB Cable



Slanzer USB Cables

USB Cable is the need of this hour when we want everything in hand and everything instantly. USB cables by Slanzer are made with quality material and the Slanzer expertise kept it in their minds while designing this product that the user faces no problem when it comes to the safety.

Now charge your device or transfer the files without any intervention because Slanzer is the brand that lives up to the expectations of its client base, whether it’s quality or quantity.

Slanzer USB cable is the advanced product that comes in every colour, every power capacity and can be used for every kind of purpose. So, make sure that you choose the best, which is, ALL because Slanzer makes only the best.

Products Range

301 301-BK 321BK 321WT--322wt 351WT311BLslanzerusb2 32-300x256